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新博国际平台Wenxiong participates in Longwan District Youth Youth Comprehensive Knowledge Contest

Release time:2008-12-3 11:16:26

新博国际平台On May 14th, the company's three-member team (Zhu Huijun, Kang Guangli, and Zhou Qinping) participated in the "Hand in Hand to Protect the Mother River" organized by the Longwan District Youth League Committee. Create a green Olympic style "Longwan District Youth Youth Comprehensive Knowledge Contest. In this activity, the Longwan District League Work Committee organized nearly 100 contestants from more than 30 units. The company’s three generations of the team and the team did not fear the strong players. They actively prepared for, cooperated closely with each other, and worked hard to stand out from the many high-level players in the preliminaries. The identity of the second place reached the finals. In the finals, they performed well again and won the third prize, which was recognized by the Longwan District Youth League Committee.


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