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Wenxiong’s Party Secretary Signing Activity

Release time:2010-7-30 13:48:07

新博国际平台Wenzhou Webnews Yesterday, 27 "red CEO" candidates who stood out from 1,205 applicants across the country signed labor contracts with 26 Wenzhou private enterprises. They will take a ten-day induction training at the party school in Wenzhou, and take the lead after the election process within the party, and carry out party building work in the non-public enterprises that they signed.

新博国际平台 To help solve the non-public party building talents follow-up development issues and explore the professional approach to the selection of talents. In May this year, through the establishment of the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Wenxiong Enterprise and 25 other private enterprises. We issue "red CEO" "national recruiting order" to the whole country. Relative to the "CEO" who is in charge of business management, the organization department vividly calls the party secretary who leads the party's construction work as the "red CEO."

The 27 people are from 13 provinces including Zhejiang, Shanxi, and Jiangsu. The oldest is 62 years old, the youngest is 29 years old, and the average age is 47. Academic qualifications are all above college level. Work in institutions, institutions, or state-owned enterprises, of which 8 are departmental and departmental cadres.

It is reported that at present, the city has established 4292 non-public party organizations, covering 16,000 non-public enterprises, with a total coverage of the country's top spot. In 2008, the city has openly selected college students "red-collar workers" to serve as party workers in non-public enterprises, and cracked down on difficult problems of non-public corporate personnel talents. The organization department stated that the "red CEO" of this election will complement the "red-collar" and form a talented non-public party echelon.

Last month, Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Organization Minister Cai Qilai warmed the investigation that the open selection of non-public party party secretary, the right direction, there are laws to follow, to enhance Wenzhou The level of party building in non-public enterprises is of positive significance. Zhao Xiaoben, Director of the Party Organization Department of the New Economic Organization of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, revealed that the relevant leaders of the Central Government had issued instructions on the selection: This is a bold initiative. In the future, the city's organization department will launch regular elections and set up the city's Party Worker Association.

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July 29, 2010


(Chongqing Li Shouxin and Chairman Jiang Ruiyu sign a labor contract in the Wenzhou Great Hall of the People)

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